Flip and Rotate with Stops

FRS-TH is for Inline or Pistol tools fastening in any direction – Vertical, Horizontal, side to side, up, down, and any angle in between; without torque reaction or tool weight. The FRS-TH’s rotational limit stops allow customers to set the maximum rotational range of the tool holder as needed on both the vertical and horizontal axes. With the FRS-TH on an ETA torque arm the tool will stay suspended at any height you leave it.

The FRS-TH is designed to move up to 360 degrees fluidly and easily, and stop all torque reaction from the tool. Because the FRS-TH offers so much freedom of movement, when the operator lets go of the tool it may lay on its side, or flip upside down depending on the placement of rotation stops on the holder, and the center of weight of the tool in use.

This is a great tool holder when working at various angles but should not be the first choice if all fasteners are being driven downward (vertically) or sideways (horizontally). The FRS-TH is not for use with right angle tools.


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