Good Design, precision machining, and careful assembly make ETA the Smart-Arm solution for many years of efficient production.

ETA Tool Arms are covered by a 5 Year Warranty against excessive wear and part breakage.

This 5 year warranty includes all bearings, bushings, shafts, and float cylinder for an unlimited amount of use!


1: Float Regulator is Easily Adjusted in seconds with the twist of the knob. Set it once and forget it. No further adjustment or maintenance for many millions of cycles.

2: Check Valve prevents arm from falling rapidly if there is a sudden loss of air supply.

3: ETA Floatation Air Cylinder with a minimum rated life-cycle of 50,000,000 (50 million) rundowns! Our Cylinder is Mounted Upright so that float is consistent as you raise and lower the arm without the "toggle" feel experienced on brands with sealed gas springs and other brands with air cylinders mounted on a bias inside the arm.

4: Encoders are available in 4 output choices and Encoder-Ready for those that prefer to provide their own.

5: Operator has uncluttered view of work area. All moving parts and pneumatics are in the back of the arm so there is a more open view of the work being done. The top edge of our Forearm (front half of arm) is only 1 inch (25.4mm) wide.

6: All ETA Tool Holders with moving parts are built with hardened steel components and Grade 8 hardware, permanently lubricated bushings and roller thrust bearings.

7: Mounting Post is 1-1/4 npt Iron Pipe which makes it easy to adapt to different mounting heights. Welded Steel Mounting Base has 3 leveling screws and 3 mounting holes for 3/8" (M8) bolts.

8: Precision Machined Pivot Points. Permanently lubricated bearings are hand fit to their ground shafts within 0.0003 inches (.007mm) or better and pivot on Roller Thrust Bearings for the most rigidity and smoothest movement possible.


Can also be customized to fit your application

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